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The State of the Union is….really boring, apparently.

So Obama gave a speech. I tweeted during it.  Now I’m going to annotate and explain those tweets here because, well really because I can’t help but talk more than 140 words allows. But first, here’s the whole thing… “Truth is singular.  Lies are….words…words…words….” – Madame Vastra About 7,000 words…words…words…. Also, it would have been […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson Shares Thoughts On The Upcoming State Of The Union Address

This is the First State of the Union of the lame-duck period of the Obama Presidency.   A majority of voters disapprove of his job performance (51.7 percent), barely more than one-third trust him to do what is right for the country (37 percent), and he has about as much chance of moving major legislation through Congress […]


The numbers for Monday 1/27/2014

Good Monday Morning readers (as if there are any). Welcome to a new feature here at the WPA blog.  It’s called “the numbers” and is a collection of, well, numbers that matter or might matter in the week ahead. These may or may not be the most important numbers, though some of them are.  But […]


New York Is The Least Economically Free State In The Country

After writing about the loss of economic freedom within the United States last week, I couldn’t help but ask myself “how economically free is my home state of New York?” I found a very insightful website called, created by scholars at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, that helped answer that question. And […]


It was Inevitable – CMS is Plans to Mandate Hospice Satisfaction Surveys

    Thousands of home health agencies throughout the United States have participated in the HH-CAHPS Survey and many of which manage hospice care as well.  Soon many of these agencies will be required to implement a patient experience survey with their hospice care.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published their first […]


Small Government States See Faster Increasing Population Growth

Though recent census data confirms that the majority of states are seeing an increase in population growth, it also reveals something very intriguing, the population in “small government” states is increasing much faster than in “big government” states.   Take Texas, for example. The Lone Star State experienced a population growth of approximately 5.2 percent […]


A Few Thoughts On The 2014 Senatoral Elections

The GOP has an excellent opportunity to regain the Senate in 2014 as Democrats fret over Obama’s falling approval ratings and Obamacare continues to drive the narrative that the Democrat’s big government solutions are bad for the country.  Republicans only need win a net of six seats to gain the Senate majority and given a […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson quoted in The Hill regarding Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s resignation

WPA CEO Chris Wilson was quoted in The Hill regarding Republican Senator Tom Coburn’s resignation. “the closer friendships [in the state] could play out….there will be less deal-making and more pragmatism in terms of looking at bases of support. But if either Lankford or Cole get in, they could meet conservative resistance in favor of […]


Hispanic Support For Obama Has Dropped

It’s important to point out that Obama’s failed policies are not going unnoticed, especially among Hispanics. A Gallup poll conducted last month shows Hispanic support for the President dropping 23 percent from 75 to 52 over the last year.   The reason is simple:  Obama’s policies are hurting Hispanics far more than they helping.  One […]


The United States Is No Longer Ranked In The World’s Top 10 Freest Economies

While many countries around the world are enjoying higher levels of economic freedom, the United States has been placed out of the world’s top 10 most economically free countries. The Heritage Foundation recently released the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom which illustrates that the United States has fallen behind, ranking at number 12. The Heritage […]


People Exercise A lot Less Than They Say They Do

I stumbled upon an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal which talks about how a recent study suggests that people exercise significantly less than they say they do. It immediately caught my eye because this is the time of year when many Americans have made it their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or […]


2014 Starts Off With A Big Week in Politics

War on Poverty and Obama’s Politics   Obama constantly preaches about income inequality and poverty; yet his policies have done little to change the overall poverty levels.  Some government indicators show poverty levels have been worse under Obama since the recession ended than they were before the recession under Bush.   Look, President Johnson’s goal […]


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