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WPA Client and Tea Party Favorite Jay Morris Calls for Government Shutdown

  From the Washington Post: A House candidate running in a special election in Louisiana is up with a new ad playing up Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Tex.) marathon speech in support of the defund Obamacare effort. The candidate, state Rep. Jay Morris (R), also says he would support a government shutdown if Obamacare is not […]


Good Thing We’re Not in the Cold War

Ronald Reagan was an incredibly effective leader. I feel very comfortable in saying that. And I believe that the American people felt the same way that I do now. His efforts are the primary reason that American ideals outlasted Soviet ideals in the Cold War. Fast forward 25 years and we’re sitting on the precipice […]


Liberal Bias Highlighted Between Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis

(Photo credit to AP Photos) Prepare for some shocking news. The media is biased. Yes, I know. That’s pretty surprising. But there’s more! The media has a distinctly liberal bias. Unbelievable!  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the least bit surprising. But if you try to tell liberals that the media leans towards their side of […]


I Rise for the People of The United States

Many people, especially the news media, are asking why Sen. Ted Cruz has taken the route of a marathon speech on the floor of the Senate to protest Obamacare, knowing there is little he can do to stop the vote from occurring. The reason is simple.  Sen. Ted Cruz has decided it is more important […]


Five Things Winning Candidates Say

Last month, we linked you to the great “Six Things Losing Candidates Say” and the subsequent “Four More Things Losing Candidates Say (Readers’ Edition).” Today, writer Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenblog on Roll Call provides the more positive alternative to those lists with the “Five Things Winning Candidates Say,” and much like the first two […]


Public Opinion And The CR/Obamacare Fight

Much has been written about the upcoming fight on Obamacare.  The truth in that data is that Republican Primary Voters are going to react badly if Republicans don’t hold the line here.  Voters overall don’t like Obamacare, but it’s still unclear in the data whether they’ll accept a partial shut-down to get rid of it. […]


American People Have a Difficult Time Trusting American Government

Gallup’s tracking of American trust in the federal government hit an all-time low in its most recent survey. The new study showed that trust in the government to handle both international and domestic issues were at all-time lows. Perhaps this is an anomaly due to the Obama Administration’s fumbling of just about everything regarding the […]


Federal Employees Aren’t Exactly Fans of Obamacare

  It’s pretty difficult to get 9 out of 10 people to agree on something. There’s always at least a few people who just feel the need to have a dissenting opinion, regardless of the topic. So when it comes out that 92% of federal employees prefer their current healthcare plan to Obamacare, it says […]


British NHS Leads to 45% Higher Mortality Rate than United States

Thanks to The Telegraph in Great Britain for this excellent article on the death rates in the British National Health Service. As it turns out, socialized medicine isn’t quite the amazing solution to healthcare that liberals claim it is. If I had the choice between socialized medicine where I was 45% more likely to die, or […]


GOP Needs to Stop Obamacare Sweetheart Deals

It shouldn’t be a secret to any of our readers that Obamacare has not been met with welcome arms by, well, just about anybody. Representatives don’t want it for themselves, nor do the Senators. The American people aren’t in favor of it, with only 39% favoring all or parts of the provisions in Obamacare. Needless to […]


A Day to Reflect – Honoring Those Lost on September 11, 2011

We would like to honor those who were tragically lost twelve years ago today. It is a somber anniversary to remember, but it is also a reminder that the American spirit cannot be broken. We will never forget.


Barack Obama and the No Good, Very Bad Polling Numbers

Tonight, President Obama will take his case for military action in Syria to American people. He has determined that their apprehension is simply due to the fact that they have not been convinced of what is necessary. But the problems the President currently faces are much more than just military action in Syria. The President […]


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