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WPA Polling is the Feature of Washington Examiner Piece

The Washington Examiner dove deep into the role of Hispanics in Texas politics by looking at a WPA poll done on behalf of Senator Ted Cruz. The piece looks at the major takeaways of how both parties have developed relationships with the Hispanic community in Texas and what the future may hold there and around […]


WPA Partner Chris Perkins named Top 40 under 40 by MavPAC

MavPAC Announces 40 Under 40 Awards Recipients Young Professional PAC honors the best and brightest in politics, business, law and entrepreneurship during annual conference in Miami, FL. Miami, Florida (June 11, 2013) – Maverick PAC (MavPAC) is proud to announce the honorees of the inaugural “Maverick PAC 40 Under 40” awards.  The 40 Under 40 […]


Chase Your Dreams, Not Your Parents

According to a recent Gallup poll very few Americans want their children to become active in politics.  The poll also reports that these dismal numbers have changed very little over time. The question is why?   I grew up in a family of Democrats, and yes, my parents did not want me to go into […]


WPA Client Greg Abbott Leads the Way Among Republican Attorneys General

From the Weekly Standard: Can you name the attorney general of your state? I’m betting most folks can’t. There’s a reason. Campaigns for attorney general get scant media attention, causing voters to ignore down-ballot races. This is unfortunate, especially if you reside in a red state. Because in the past few years Republican attorneys general […]


Election 2014: Are Democrats Bailing On Obamacare?

The 2012 Supreme Court decision declaring Obamacare, aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, constitutional should have put the issue to rest. Only, it isn’t. Only, Republicans in Congress are still bristling at Chief Justice John Roberts’ unexpected deciding vote in favor of the president’s signature legislative accomplishment. Only, after more than 30 votes […]


The IRS Can’t Seem to Catch a Break (But They Don’t Deserve One Anyway)

The IRS hasn’t really seen its fair share of positive press in the past few months. Actually, the IRS hasn’t really seen its fair share of positive press ever. The best they could possibly hope for is no news at all, because when that happens it just means they are doing their jobs and doing […]


WPA Research Featured in Politico’s Texas Abortion Debate Coverage

WPA Research was cited in an excellent piece in Politico this week concerning the abortion debate currently going on in Austin and the overall effect it has on Hispanics in Texas. Check out a excerpt below! And Steve Munisteri, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party, cited a poll by the Wilson Perkins Allen research […]


The Life Expectancy of Goldfish: As Obama Falters, So Do His Supporters

In this age of casual everything, the Internet is replete with advice columns about not getting too attached. Girls shouldn’t get too attached to boys. Boys shouldn’t get too attached to girls. Investors shouldn’t get too attached to stocks. Flippers shouldn’t get too attached to the houses they’re fixing. Warren Buffet’s wife even says not […]


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