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A Look at Memorial Day

The last Monday in May was Memorial Day, a sacred date on which Americans are given leave from work to pay respects to those soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardsmen who, as President Lincoln so eloquently said, “gave the[ir] last full measure of devotion” in service to our great nation. At WPA, we echo the […]


Scandals Bode Ill for Democrats, But It’s Very Early

  Jonathan Weisman and Matthew Wald write in The New York Times, “Since last year’s elections, Republicans in Congress have struggled for traction on their legislative efforts, torn between conservatives who drove the agenda after the 2010 landslide and new voices counseling a shift in course to reflect President Obama’s re-election and the 2012 loss […]


Help for Victims of the Oklahoma Tornadoes

Many have asked how they can help the victims of yesterday’s tragic events in Oklahoma. Below is an extensive list of places and sites where you can provide help. Oklahomans are resilient and strong, but much like all of us in times of tragedy, they require help. Please help where you can. Feed the Children […]


Obama Doesn’t Trust “Them”…But Who Trusts Him?

Not two weeks ago, President Obama gave the first of three commencement addresses on his 2013 calendar—this one at The Ohio State University. “Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all of our problems. Some of these same […]


A Tale of Corruption at the IRS

There are few things in the country that bring up such a unified hatred as the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is synonymous with taxes, which we hate to pay (those of us in the United States that do pay anyway). So it isn’t too much of surprise that I would become annoyed hearing about […]


WPA CEO, Chris Wilson, Jansing & Co. appearance on May 10, 2013

  Comments from Chris: The Obama administration brought this extra scrutiny on its nominees by Obama’s anti-democratic decree that if Congress will not pass his agenda, he’ll impose it using regulations and executive orders.  If he’s going to ignore the Constitutional legislative process, then Republicans in Congress have an obligation do what they can to […]


WPA CEO Chris Wilson on Jansing & Co. Tomorrow

Be sure to catch WPA CEO Chris Wilson on Jansing & Co. tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM ET!


Obama Administration Continues to Focus on Things People Don’t Want Them to Focus On

What concerns you in America right now? Is it the insurmountable debt that the government keeps adding to? Is it the prospects of losing your job and not being able to find a new one? Is it that your children won’t inherit a nation as great as the one you did? Certainly these would be near the […]


WPA Leading Effort to Fill GOP Void in Behavioral Science

In a new article from the American Enterprise Institute, Rich Thau and Celeste Gregory lament what they see as liberal dominance in the practical application of behavioral science in politics. Thau and Gregory note that “conservatives have failed to follow up on their success three decades ago with the psychology of ‘broken windows,’” and then […]


Shaming vs Empowering donors

UNICEF has a new campaign out.  It certainly has shock value, but it shames and angers the audience.  As we’ve discussed, anger and shame are some of the most difficult motivating emotions to work with. This ad can grab your attention, but it makes you feel terrible.  I’m sure that the designers are trying to […]


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