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“Business Outside the Beltway?” WPA CEO Chris Wilson Speaks with C&E on the Importance of a DC Presence

Campaigns and Elections interviewed WPA CEO Chris Wilson on the importance of a DC presence and a national perspective. Check out the full article here!  And check out the excerpt below.   Wilson and his partners Chris Perkins and Bryon Allen each spend one week per month with the research team in D.C.—one partner inevitably […]


Unfortunately for Washington, All Politics Remains Local

American dissatisfaction with government is nothing new; we were, after all, sewn from the seeds of rebellion, and our disdain for big government has become as national a pastime as baseball. Americans’ growing angst over government’s growing girth should come then as no surprise. Indeed, as recent data shows, the bigger the government these days, […]


2012 GOP Polling Review: “Not everyone got everything wrong”

An analysis of a WPA results, national results, and how pollsters need to approach the future.  By Chris Wilson and Bryon Allen More than three months after Election Day 2012, many Republicans are still grousing about the victory that wasn’t. Attend any meeting of party leaders or consultants and the same stories are rehashed: on […]


WPA Partner Bryon Allen on Adaptive Sampling and Helping the GOP in 2014 and 2016

WPA Partner Bryon Allen wrote a fantastic piece for the Huffington Post Pollster explaining how the GOP can avoid another disaster. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Which brings us to 2012. The rumblings under the mountain of electoral stability that had been mostly ignored after 2008 and 2010 were followed by an eruption in […]


Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to the Runners, Supporters and Families in Boston

We at WPA have heavy hearts today and our thoughts and prayers are in Boston. We understand that on days like today, politics take a backseat to caring for our fellow Americans and our communities.


Let Donors Know You Care

Constant email blasts are one of the top reasons donors stop giving to organizations and causes they support.  So why do fundraisers continue to blast their lists? Penelope Burk (who has a new book coming out on the topic) has some great thoughts . Fundraisers blast lists because they feel tremendous pressure to keep the […]


Nothing is Safe From Being Taxed

There are some taxes I understand and there are some taxes that I think are terrible. And then there is Maryland deciding to tax rain. You read that correctly. That was not a piece by The Onion. Maryland is taxing rain.  I get that some Democrats think that we can never have enough taxes, but […]


Lost 2: Democrats on Tax Island

According to new polling data released by ABC News just in time for Tax Day, April 15th, there is a growing divide over America’s tax system. The deeper I delve into the numbers, the more interested I get. This has happened before. ABC. The deeper in I go, strange forces seem to pull… So vaguely […]


Americans Still Love Reagan

There are some things that serve as a reminder that maybe, just maybe, there is still some sensibility in this country. According to a Kelton Research Poll on behalf of the National Geographic Channel, Americans would elect Ronald Reagan over Barack Obama if they were pitted against each other in an election. HALLELUJAH! And not […]


Wilson Perkins Allen wins “Pollie” for Cruz for Senate (R-TX) polling

WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics key to 2012 success WASHINGTON, DC—The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) has awarded a “Pollie” to Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research (WPA) for the firm’s work on behalf of Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate 2012. The Pollie for WPA’s Adaptive Sampling and Predictive Analytics methodologies allowed the firm […]


Obama’s “Equal Pay Day” and the Gender Gap Myth

  President Obama declared today to be “Equal Pay Day,” or the apparent day this year in which women would have to work from January 1, 2012 to receive the same annual salary as men. It certainly plays well into the liberal narrative that only liberals care about women and that Republicans are woman haters […]


Poll: Inflexible Republicans vs. Big Government Democrats

A new poll of American adults by Gallup asked respondents what they most liked and disliked about the Republican and Democrat parties. There were few surprises, but great data: The leading negative statement respondents gave about the Republican Party was unanimous across the political spectrum. Fully 26% of Republicans, 17% of Independents and 22% of […]


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