As I write this post, I couldn’t be more proud of the unity that the Republican Party has right now (oh, and for full disclosure, I am a Republican). 

Attending the RNC summer meetings out in San Diego, a Republican such as me has much to celebrate in terms of party unity.  The theme of the summer meetings is “Standing for Liberty.”  A few months ago, the national media all but pronounced the Republican party dead – ineffective – a “regional” party – lacking ideas – so on and so on.  But out in San Diego, one would see the united front. 

Chairman Michael Steele and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke briefly to the RNC membership.  The vast policy difference on taxes, spending and government’s role in health care that the national Democrats are championing, which both the Chairman and the Governor spoke too, are having the effect of unifying the Republican party and its conservative grassroots allies. 

This is not to say the battle is won; it is just now beginning.  Election day 2010 is still a long way off.  But the unity shown in the party’s infrastructure is allowing us to recruit excellent candidates, rebuild the party’s grassroots movement, and demonstrate to the American people the vast ideological differences we have with our Democrat counterparts.  We have the candidates, we have the operational tactics, and most importantly, we have the issues on our side. 

A clear choice will be seen and debated for the next 15 months, and the issues are on the side of the Republicans.  A wake up call to all of us to get active.

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